Details about the Valhalla Model


DIMENSIONS: 19′ x 7’6” x 51”

The Valhalla is the flagship swim spa in our lineup. Separate swim and spa zones allow you to customize your water temperature settings for the optimum swim session or a relaxing spa experience. The extra-long swim zone provides enough space for two adults to exercise at the same time. Keeps drinks cool with the built-in drink holder and ice bucket. When your workout is done, enjoy the hot tub area that features an ergonomic lounge seat and a generously jetted captain’s chair for the ultimate in hydrotherapy.

Model Summary

Feature Details
Seating Capacity Spa Zone 6
Swim Zone 3
Lounge/Non-Lounge Lounge
Dimensions Spa Zone 7’6″ x 8′ x 53″
Swim Zone 7’6″ x 11′ x 53″
Water Capacity Spa Zone 211 gallons | 800 liters
Swim Zone 1,717 gallons | 6,500 liters
Weight 3,142 lbs | 1,425 kg dry
20,752 lbs | 9,413 kg filled
Jet Count Spa Zone 44
Swim Zone 3
Hot Tub Jets 3 River Swim Jets
5 Four and a Half-inch Jets
7 Three and a Half-inch Jets
32 Two-Inch Jets
Lighting System LED Colour changing lights, interior/exterior
Water Feature 7 Jet with LED illuminated control valve
Control System Spa Touch 2T Touchscreen 220v
Spa Zone 50amp | Swim Zone 60amp
Heater 2 x 5.5kW/220V
Energy Efficiency Heat Bank Insulation
Jet Pumps Spa Zone 2 x 3.0 HP continuous duty
Swim Zone 3 x 3.0 HP continuous duty
Circulation Pump 2 x 0.25HP
Filtration 6 filters 50 sq ft each | 4.6m2
Water Care CD ozone system
Spa Cover 6″ to 4″ tapered foam core
Frame Aluminum