Award-Winning Film Production Company Kicks Off Film Premiere Tour

GLPs Film Premiere events present an opportunity to showcase adventure focused multimedia storytelling about important issues with the goal of educating and inspiring change. Each event features approximately six to nine films that highlight important topics with varying sustainability themes. The films also highlight the travel and adventure associated with each film expedition as the film crew explores unique and sometimes undiscovered travel destinations around the world. Each event allows individuals, communities and organizations to learn about and become directly involved with important local and global initiatives to bring about positive change. Since 2007, GLP has produced over 70 short films in 19 countries, including North America, Central and South America, Africa and Asia.

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The films showing at the Portland Film Premiere highlight a variety of topics, ranging from marine conservation to sustainable farming and food ecosystems, women empowerment, community focused ecotourism and more. The films slated for the Portland Film Premiere are: Equilibrio Azul (Puerto Lopez, Ecuador); Semilla Nueva (Xacana and La Maquina, Guatemala); Potters for Peace (Managua, Nicaragua); Change Dinner (Los Angeles); Lincoln Park Zoo (Chicago); and Ecotourism in New Mexico (Santa Fe and Taos, NM).

Were just returning from a filming expedition in East Africa so the Portland Film Premiere event is especially poignant, said Rob Holmes, founder and president of GLP. We hope each film presented inspires thoughtful, positive change our collective goal. To that end, we can't think of a better venue for our first Film Premiere event of 2012.

GLPs Portland Film Premiere is presented in partnership with the Portland Better Living Show, a consumer show promoting resources and services for living a healthier lifestyle. GLP will host a show booth, and tours of it's sustainably outfitted biodiesel RV the Soltrekker throughout the weekend. The RV is equipped with solar panels, a Biodiesel engine, composting toilet, water catchment system, sustainable wood floors, insulation made from recycled jeans, and LED lighting. The Portland Better Living Show is open to the public and admission is free.

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